Deputy coroner: Zwolle child wedged in car window died of positional asphyxia

ZWOLLE, LA (KSLA) - The 19-month-old boy who was found unconscious Saturday hanging out of his mother's car window died of positional asphyxia, according to Sabine Parish Deputy Coroner Ron Rivers. Rivers says emergency responders were called to a Zwolle home on Elm St. Saturday just before 11 p.m., where the toddler was found unresponsive. Zwolle police attempted CPR until EMS could arrive.

The child, identified as Robert E. Lynch, was taken to Sabine Medical Center and later transferred to University Health in Shreveport by Life Air Rescue, where he was placed on life support.

Lynch was declared brain dead and life support was removed on Sunday.

Investigators have learned that the mother of the infant had just left a family gathering in Zwolle and had placed the child in the back of her car unrestrained.

The family of  26-year-old Deunka Lynch say this tragic accident is no reflection of her parenting skills and the family is standing by her.

"This is just something that happened and as a family we are going to stand together," said the victim's grandfather, Danny Lynch.

Danny Lynch says he saw his daughter a few moments before the tragedy took place, "I had just saw the maybe 5 to 8 minutes before, it had to happen really really fast."

According to the infants mother, she parked the car took the keys out of the ignition. That's when she noticed that the window was rolling up, trapping little Robert. Police say that once they arrived on scene, they found Lynch holding Robert Lynch in her arms. The 19-month-old was unresponsive. First responders performed CPR for several minutes but weren't able to revive the infant. Lynch says that she would never do anything to hurt her child.

"I'm the mother of 3 kids, and I would never do anything to hurt my 3 kids. I love my baby," said Deunka Lynch.

"I know she wouldn't do anything to Robert. We all loved him, we hated to whip him," said the victim's father Mike Garner.

He says his girlfriend is currently expecting another child, and would never intentionally place her child in harm's way.

Lynch did take a drug test following the incident,  At this time, no charges are being filed against the mother as the investigation continues.

Rivers confirms there is a criminal investigation into the child's death. The Zwolle Police Department has not released any information.

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