Parents of child burned in Mansfield fire speak out

Parents of child burned in Mansfield fire speak out

The parents of the 4-year-old child burned in the Mansfield fire, told KSLA News 12 how their faith, family and the community are helping them get through this difficult time.

Keyonta Wyatt, is resting peacefully in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at University Health. He is recovering after suffering second-degree burns to his arms and face from a fire at his grandmother's home in Mansfield Tuesday evening.

Keyonta's father, Kemo, said that his 10-year-old son  Keyon first told him about the fire while he was at work. He rushed towards Mansfield, until the police department called to tell him that his son was being airlifted to Shreveport.

"I prayed all the way when I was going to Mansfield, and when they said turn around. I said, 'Lord, he's going to be in your hands. You look after him and take care of him.'"

Keyonta's mother, Angela Wells, says that family and friends have been helping to keep her spirits up.

"They've been here during visitation hours, after visitation hours, making their own visitation hours. But I love it, and I just love to see the support of everyone so concerned," Wells said.

Both agree that their son is strong, and they are relieved to see some progress. They are just happy he is alive.

"I was glad to see him alive, and I didn't lose faith. I had God, and it's what you have to do. He may have went through what he went through, but he's alive, and that's all that matters," Wyatt said.

"He has a long road ahead of him, but he's going to make it. Yes, he is our little fighter. My little hero," Wells added.

A fund has been set up to help with Keyonta's medical costs. Donations can be made to any Capital One Bank, under The Keyonta Wyatt Fund.

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