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Family has doubts that Marshall man's death was suicide

Eddie Clark (Source: Family) Eddie Clark (Source: Family)

An East Texas family is raising questions about their loved one's apparent suicide.

On August 24, the body of a man was found hanging outside a Marshall hospital. The circumstances surrounding his death are still unanswered.

Marshall police say the body of 51-year-old Eddie Clark was found hanging by a belt around his neck on the grounds of Good Shepherd Medical Center Marshall.

"Upon arrival it was determined that the male subject was deceased; he was still hanging on the tree," said Marshall Police Detective Sonya Johnson.

His death was ruled a suicide, but his family says no.

"I was shocked at the way he was supposed to have passed, I felt like that's not like Eddie. Suicidal? That wasn't his character. I don't believe it," says Clark's sister, Dorothy Black.

His family says he suffered no depression, no problems that would have caused him to commit suicide, and they question why he was at the hospital.

"I don't know why he was there. Did he go there on his own or did somebody take him there?" Black wonders.

"There's no way that I could believe Uncle Eddie could commit suicide," says niece Tanisha Turner.

"What was going on with him? Who took him there? Why was he there? You just have so many unanswered questions. I have no understanding of how he could have gotten up there, tied the belt and come down at an angle where it would cut off his oxygen supply," says niece Stefanie Trammel.

No suicide note. No sign of a struggle. Even investigators have questions.

"When did he go to the hospital? How did he know that place was located there? We just have a lot of questions that we are trying to answer as well," Johnson says.

"Our brother never wore a belt. Even when he dressed up, he never wore a belt," says sister Yvonne Dunn.

A preliminary autopsy determined asphyxiation was cause of death.

"I don't understand how an open investigation could also be wrote on paper as a suicide," Turner says.

"We want proof. Give us something," Trammel says.

Clark's family told us they are seeking an independent autopsy to confirm the cause of death. The investigation remains open.

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