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How to get KSLA News 12 in High Definition for free over the air

KSLA News 12 programming can be enjoyed over the air in high definition and for free, using a simple traditional antenna.

The following is information provided by our engineers on how this can be done.

Our transmitter and tower are located in Mooringsport, LA along Hwy 1, approximately 16 miles north of Shreveport Bossier. Your TV set will have to be digital-ready (ATSC) or you will need a set top box. 99% of flat screen TVs, no matter what size, are digital ready.

Depending on your location and dwelling type, you will need an appropriate UHF TV antenna. In general, we do not recommend indoor “rabbit ears,” because their reliable effective range is only 10 to 15 miles, even less in urban areas, despite claims of some manufacturers. 

Outside antennas are always the preferable solution. The map below was generated on a free website ( where you can type in your address and zip code and get all the help you need to select an antenna for your location. A few color examples are provided below for general guidance.

Signal map example from

Yellow on the map: 20 miles attic or outside rooftop or eaves antenna, single or dual bay. If the antenna is looking like a fin, it has to be mounted horizontally.

Indoor antennas

Green and blue on the map: long range (60 +) miles multi elements antenna on a pole, the higher the better.

Attic or rooftop antennas

In most locations in Shreveport-Bossier urban area, outside or attic type antenna for the 20 to 40 miles range are your best choice. Most indoor antennas will not provide reliable reception.

Long range antennas

All outside pole mounted antennas have to be properly grounded, and all the outside connectors need to be taped with rubber tape to avoid signal loss when it rains. F type connectors are not waterproof. The shorter the cable, the better.

Consider where you mount your antenna based on your location and building orientation. Obviously, the antenna will need to be pointed towards Mooringsport, LA.

Here are some other websites that can help you select your antenna:

Antennas Direct 

AntennaWeb: Maximize your television reception: Enter your location on this site and learn what kind of antenna will work best for you.

Choosing and installing the best HDTV antenna  


Antenna TV: Click here for information on how to connect your antenna and scan for signals. 

We hope this information will assist you in viewing TV broadcast over the air, for free, in high definition.

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