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Phoenix man finds 10-foot python in flower bed

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No one knows where it came from or how long this 10-foot-long reticulated python has been slithering around a Phoenix neighborhood near 24th Street and McDowell.

But Sunday afternoon a man doing a little gardening found the beast in his front yard.

"He was in the back of the bushes just lying in the shade," said neighbor Damain Ortiz.

Jonathan Bach works for Rattlesnake Solutions. When he got the call, the man on the other end of the line told him the snake was massive.

"They described it as one of the snakes you see on Animal Planet," said Bach.

He didn't believe it until he saw the size of serpent with his own eyes. He called for back-up.

But no one was available so he decided to take on the snake alone.

"I grabbed him behind the head so he couldn't bite me. Immediately he started wrapping himself around me," said Bach.

"The snake coiled up all over him. That's when the other people came to help," said Ortiz.

It took all three men to wrangle the python into a dog crate. They quickly realized that wasn't going to hold him.

"He actually managed to push through one of the slats and then use his body weight to actually spread the slats apart and come all the way out," said Bach.

Someone else grabbed a pillow case. It held but barely.

"He actually ripped a hole there with his teeth," said Bach.

Now the python has a new home at the Phoenix Herpetological society in Scottsdale. Daniel Marchand says it's a good thing the neighbors were quick to call in a professional.

"When you make a mistake with one of these you're going to get stitches and you're going to go to the hospital," said Marchand.

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