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Local woman describes encounter with wanted Montana murder suspect

CAPTURED: Kevin Joseph Lino, 27 (Source: Shreveport Police Department) CAPTURED: Kevin Joseph Lino, 27 (Source: Shreveport Police Department)
Kevin Joseph Lino Kevin Joseph Lino
Angela M. Marchese Angela M. Marchese
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport woman says she unknowingly helped a man who turned out to be wanted for murder and considered by police be armed and extremely dangerous.

Police say 27-year-old Kevin Joseph Lino, is a convicted felon, and was wanted on a warrant out of Missoula, Montana for a murder last month. He was captured Saturday afternoon after an 18-hour search in the Shreveport area. 

But before his capture, one woman who did not know he was says she helped him and his girlfriend out.  "I saw them on the side of the road and I felt sorry for them, she was in a wheel chair and he was pushing her, so I stopped and asked if they wanted a ride," said the woman, who requested that her name be withheld.

She says she took the couple to a gas station, got them water and even allowed the woman to clean up inside her home. Imagine her surprise when she found out that the man that she welcomed into her home was wanted for murder in Montana.

"He wasn't like that, he was very respectful," the woman said. "She wasn't like that either."

The Good Samaritan is still trying to process the idea that she allowed a man who, according to the FBI, shot a man in the head with a pistol then dumped the body into a river earlier in August.

"I would never think in a million years that I would be that close to a murderer," she said.

As a mother, she feels violated. She brought the couple into her home, gave them clothes to put on their backs and watched anxiously as officials searched for nearly 18 hours for the man accused of beating a homeless man, cutting gang symbols into his skin, and then urinating on him.

"Two feet from these people, and if they did that, they could have done this to me," she said.

The Good Samaritan said after this ordeal, next time she will think twice before lending a helping hand. 

"Looks can be deceiving," she said. "Just don't pull over on the side of the road and pick up someone because you never know who they can be."

And after we spoke with this Good Samaritan, police confirmed that she did in fact come face-to-face with Lino and his girlfriend.

Shreveport police, FBI agents, U.S. Marshals and state began searching for him Saturday afternoon after receiving a tip that he was in the area of Clyde Fant Parkway near the Shreveport Barksdale Bridge, but came up empty-handed. Later Friday night, police began tracking Lino again after a car was reported stolen from a business parking lot in Shreve City, but were unable to track him down.

Acting on another tip, police began searching Saturday near a bridge along Mansfield Road between Valley View Drive and Kingston Rd. There, police were able to track Lino to a wooded area near a set of railroad tracks below the Mansfield Rd. viaduct. He was taken into custody around 6 p.m. without incident and booked as a fugitive in to the Shreveport City Jail.

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