KSLA News 12 viewers get ready to lose weight with 'Knock It Off'

KSLA News 12 viewers get ready to lose weight with 'Knock It Off'

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The hardest part about losing weight is facing the numbers on the scale, but 12 brave KSLA News 12 viewers are ready to weigh in.

They've been selected to participate in the KSLA News 12 weight loss challenge, "Knock It Off." For 12 weeks, we will follow their challenges and success as they change their lifestyles and bodies.

On Wednesday, the participants took the plunge and got an up-close-and-personal look at how much they actually weigh. And sometimes getting on the scale will make you cry.

Other times, it's the pain behind the numbers that breaks you down.

"My husband died five months ago today and I gained thirty pounds since he died," said Gail Fountain.

Anna Hightower said her children have never seen her without her current weight.

"They've seen pictures, but they've never seen me," she said.

The first step was getting on the scale. The second step is doing something about it.

And that's what these 12 are doing.

"It started with my granddaughter asking me why my tummy was so full and bouncy," said Charlotte Crawley. "Was it because I didn't exercise?"

The "Knock It Off" weight loss challenge introduces some of the best nutritionists and fitness experts in the ArkLaTex.

"I have a lot of work to do but I am ready," said Arien Ragster.

And they will do it - one pound at a time.

For the third time, Dr. Dennis Wissing is heading up the nutrition part of the challenge, telling the group to eliminate foods with more than five ingredients.

That means getting rid of a lot of processed foods and stepping up the exercise.

Comedian Tremaile Prelow wants to make sure his weight is no longer a laughing matter.

"Whoa, yeah," he said as he stepped onto the scale. "That is pretty much what I thought it was going to be."

Next week will be the first official weigh-in. You can also follow the team's journey on Domonique Benn's KSLA Facebook page.

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