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Mother says justice not served after 2-year-old shoots, kills self

Trenton Mathis was 2-years-old when he died. (Source: Brittany Hardison) Trenton Mathis was 2-years-old when he died. (Source: Brittany Hardison)
Trenton Mathis and his siblings. (Source: Brittany Hardison) Trenton Mathis and his siblings. (Source: Brittany Hardison)

The mother of a two-year-old boy who shot and killed himself while at his grandparent's house in Cherokee County said she is still waiting for justice.

Trenton Mathis was in the temporary custody of his grandparents in 2013 along with two of his siblings. On May 29, 2013 the toddler climbed on to his grandparent's bed and found a 9mm handgun. Trenton shot himself in the face and died shortly after. Authorities said the shooting was an accident.

More than one year after the incident, Trenton's mother said she and her husband are trying to get their other children back. She said she feels someone should be held accountable.

Since the death of 2-year-old Trenton Mathis his parents welcomed their fifth child. Child Protective Services said all four remaining siblings are now in foster care.

KLTV 7 spoke with Brittany Hardison, Trenton's mother, by phone Thursday and she said she is hoping for legal action to be taken.

“We want some kind of justice not only for our son, but for ourself. We have not been at peace since the day we got the phone call,” Hardison said.

The children had been placed at their great-grandparent's home in Cherokee County.

“It was a very filthy, very filthy house. My kids were not being taken care of properly,” Hardison said.

CPS had warned a Houston judge months before the shooting that the Mathis home was unsafe. They even testified that the great-grandparents were leaving the children unsupervised.

“But they decided to keep them there and now I have a son that's dead because of this whole situation,” said Hardison .

The children's great-grandmother, who said she has since moved out of that home, said she is still reeling from the death of her great-grandson and that it was a tragic accident. She said the children were placed with her for a reason, since the parents were unfit.

“You need to watch your children. I know we had a case going on with CPS, but we still loved our children dearly and would give anything to have our child back,” Hardison said.

Hardison said after a custody hearing in Houston on Thursday morning she believed she would be reunited with her children.

“I'm very excited,” she said. “We've been through so much and we just need our babies back.”

However, CPS said they currently have permanent managing conservatorship of the children and plan to adopt them out to non-relatives once the Hardison's parental rights are terminated.

“We're lost in a way, but then again, we're trying to cope for our children's sake,” she said.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said the investigation ended on July 25, 2013 and the shooting was an accident. It was then turned over to the district attorney where it could then be sent to a grand jury.

The Cherokee County District Attorney's Office wouldn't comment on the status and said they had no comment on the case.

Another hearing date is set for September 22 and CPS said that is when they hope to move forward in terminating the parental rights.

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