2 former Shreveport firefighters accept plea deals in abuse scandal

2 former Shreveport firefighters accept plea deals in abuse scandal
Clint Richardson, 26 (Source: Shreveport Police Department)
Clint Richardson, 26 (Source: Shreveport Police Department)
Jason Vaughan, 34 (Source: Caddo Correctional Center)
Jason Vaughan, 34 (Source: Caddo Correctional Center)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Two former Shreveport firefighters connected to the sex and abuse scandal at Fire Station 8 have accepted plea deals where they will most likely avoid jail time.

Caddo Assistant District Attorney Dale Cox said Tuesday that Jason Vaughan and Clint Richardson will plead guilty to misdemeanor prostitution Thursday. The men have also agreed to truthfully testify in all cases connected to the Fire Station 8 scandal and give use immunity statements.

"In those statements, they tell us everything they know about the whole matter and we agree that we won't use anything they tell us against them, but of course, we can use what they tell us about other people," Cox said.

Cox said Richardson has given a statement already, and Vaughan will give his statement Tuesday. The two will testify against former engineer Billy Glass, whose prostitution trial is set to begin Thursday.

"They will both testify in the cases against Derrick Harris, and they will both testify in the cruelty cases against Derrick Harris, Billy Glass and Randy Chandler," Cox said.

Cox added that the plea deals are beneficial to the defendants and the the D.A.'s office.

"It gives us access to information we've not been able to get from the outside," Cox said. "By allowing these two people to plead guilty, we now have information from the inside that we were not previously able to secure."

As part of the deal, the cruelty to the infirm charges will be dismissed against Richardson and Vaughan. Cox said the misdemeanor prostitution charge carries a penalty of up to six months in jail and up to a $500 fine. He the presiding judge will decide their sentences.

"I do not anticipate that either of these young men will be sentenced to jail time," Cox added.

Cox says his office was approached by the defendants about the plea deals. He agreed to them because Richardson and Vaughan are younger and, in his opinion, less culpable. He said these deals will allow his office to present better cases against remaining defendants and might also allow them to go after other people not yet charged.

Richardson, Vaughan, Glass, Derrick Harris and Randy Chandler are accused of abusing two adults with disabilities at Fire Station 8.

Police say they subjected two adults who were regular visitors there to cruel pranks over the last few years. Among other things, the victims were allegedly left stranded on the roof of the fire station and forced to drink human urine. All but Chandler are also accused of paying a prostitute to have sex with one of the developmentally disabled men.

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover ordered the police department to conduct an internal investigation into Fire Station 8 following Fire Chief Craig Mulford's arrest on five counts of malfeasance in office. The results of those findings are due to Glover by September 6.

Harris was arraigned Monday on a terrorism charge because of a Facebook post where he likened Fire Station 8 to the movie "Django Unchained." He pleaded not guilty, and a judge will hear pre-trial motions on this case October 27. No trial date has been set for this charge.

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