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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Whistleblower Lawsuit

A whistleblower lawsuit can be complicated but one has been filed that I believe is very important to understand. And that is the lawsuit filed by Shreveport detective Rod Demery against his boss, Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw.

It has far reaching implications.

The detective claims the police chief reassigned him to patrol duties to retaliate against the detective for uncovering corruption within the higher ranks of the police department.

These are all allegations that have not been proven.

However, it's highly suspicious that Demery, a detective who has cleared 60 homicide cases since he joined the unit in 2006, was reassigned shortly after a witness reportedly came forward with information that could implicate the chief.

The chief has remained silent on the lawsuit, which is typical with pending cases, but I believe he has a duty to reassure the people he protects, and the police officers he employs, that when an investigation is started, the police department follows the same laws that we all must follow.

The people want to hear from the chief, not so much the merits of the case, just a reassurance that investigations are carried out with integrity and honesty. I'm James Smith.

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