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Parents upset over revocation of East Texas charter school

Azleway Charter School is facing closure. (Source: KLTV) Azleway Charter School is facing closure. (Source: KLTV)

The impending revocation of funding to an East Texas charter school, is leaving some parents angry their children can't get the kind of education they want them to have.

The small Azleway charter school in Big Sandy will close its doors soon unless there is an 11th hour miracle.

With 55 students - including at risk youths, kids with learning disabilities - and 10 teachers, the possibility the school may shut down has parents infuriated.

"This place has got to be saved, its got to be. These kids have got to have somewhere to go to get their education," said parent Robert Piner.

Some parents said the school has improved their children's academic scores.

"It's an amazing thing. This is very emotional. My children do have learning disabilities. They are now making A's and B's," said parent Teresa Hayes.

Another parent expressed hope someone would help the school remain open.

"We need somebody else to step in and go beyond what anybody else can do," said parent Christine Fleming.

A judges upholding of a revocation decision means Azleway is no longer eligible to receive state or federal funding.

"That makes me wonder whether they've actually walked out here and tried to see what's been accomplished," says parent Regina Provost.

A shutdown could be devastating to parents and teachers who have made this school work.

"We don't know if we're going to have school tomorrow or the next day or whatever. Without Azleway, these kids are going to fall through the cracks. They're going to be left behind," said Dan Hall, Azleway history teacher.

For parents its an issue of choice.

"We have seven foster children in our family and they're all teenage boys. They all go here and if the school closes down, I don't know what we're going to do," said foster parent Dan Sifford.

Sixteen-year-old student, John Turner, said that the teachers prepare him daily for what he needs to know to learn and pass tests.

Other students echoed his sentiment.

"I'm needing to graduate. I need to start college. I need to get my life on a roll," said 17-year-old student Kaitlyn Murphy.

Some parents of Azleway students are planning a protest march Monday on the town square in Tyler to try and keep the school open.

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