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Shreveport mayor responds to lawsuit against police chief and city

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover
SPD Det. Rodney Demery SPD Det. Rodney Demery
Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw

Mayor Cedric Glover issued a statement Tuesday afternoon that was titled in the news release as a response to the lawsuit filed Monday against Police Chief Willie Shaw and the City.

"The outstanding work that the men and women of the Shreveport Police Department cannot be attributed to one individual," Mayor Cedric Glover said in the statement, addressing the assertion in SPD Detective Rodney Demery's lawsuit that he was had the highest homicide case closure rate in the city's homicide investigations unit.

Demery claims he was the victim of retaliation by his bosses for continuing his investigation into the possibility of criminal conduct on the part of fire department and police administrators. Glover's statement goes on to say that, "For the past three years, the statistics show that our homicide rates and overall rates of violent crimes have reached record lows. The fact is that this work is done in concert with other detectives and investigators, as well as patrol officers and, more importantly, citizens, community and faith leaders who are out here striving every day to help make our neighborhoods safer. So while the work that any one officer does is important and appreciated, he does not stand alone in the overall effort to make Shreveport a better and safer city."

The mayor's statement does not address the allegations made against Shaw or the city in the lawsuit.

Shaw has also declined to comment.

Demery's attorney Pamela Breedlove did have something to say about to the mayor's statement, however. "This case is about the Chief of Police's deliberate and discriminatory order that Detective Demery be removed from the Detectives Office and the Administration's attempts to interfere with an ongoing investigation that the Chief specifically requested Det. Demery undertake. Contrary to what the Mayor's Office email suggested, Det. Demery never claimed he was the reason crime statistics may have decreased in Shreveport. Det. Demery is proud of the hard work all Shreveport Police Officers have been doing to prevent crime. But he is also proud of the hard work he has undertaken as a detective which resulted in him having the highest homicide clearance rate in the Homicide Unit."

Click here to read the full statement released by Breedlove

Breedlove also took issue with reported inquiries and reports regarding Demery's personal and family history, as well as a previous lawsuit filed by Demery against the Beaver Falls, PA Police Department in the 1990s. Breedlove points out that the lawsuit "is no secret," and that "Although he is precluded from discussing the facts of the case due to confidentiality agreements, he acknowledges that he won the suit and was subsequently appointed Police Chief of that department. The Shreveport Police Department was aware of this history when it performed a background check on him prior to his being hired. This old lawsuit has nothing to do with the 15 years of dedicated service he has provided the Shreveport Police Department."

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