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Ohio senator introduces bill to regulate manure use

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In response to the recent Toledo water crisis, a state senator is proposing new rules for farmers using manure.

State Sen. Edna Brown, D-Toledo, says two of the main contributors to the algal bloom in Lake Erie are phosphorous and nitrogen from fertilizer runoff and manure from livestock pens. Brown says these factors must be addressed to ensure Ohioans have safe, clean drinking water.

The senator is proposing a bill that will expand upon Senate Bill 150, which passed earlier this year. Senate Bill 150 requires farmers who use commercial fertilizer to be certified by the state, but it didn't include restrictions on the use of animal manure.

Sen. Brown's bill addresses manure regulation and also moves up the date for farmers to apply for the fertilizer certification to Dec. 31.

"Regulation of manure does not mean I don't appreciate the contribution of our farmers to the state's economy and its food supply," Brown said in a statement. "I know that for many smaller farmers, it is their family's livelihood. But I also know they want to be part of the solution in addressing the future health of Lake Erie and its tributaries."

Brown says the negative impact on businesses caused by contaminated water cannot be overlooked.

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