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Judge: Holder trial will resume Monday, won't stop until conclusion reached

Christopher Holder, now 23 (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office) Christopher Holder, now 23 (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)
Donna Holder, MD (Courtesy: LSU Health Shreveport) Donna Holder, MD (Courtesy: LSU Health Shreveport)
Christopher Holder was 20 at the time of his arrest in 2011. (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office) Christopher Holder was 20 at the time of his arrest in 2011. (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)

Christopher Holder's trial will resume at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, and Judge Mike Nerren told the court on Friday afternoon that they won't stop until a conclusion is reached. 

Holder is charged with second degree murder, accused of repeatedly stabbing his mother, Dr. Donna Holder, to death 2011. Testimony wrapped up around 2:30 Friday, when 2 of the witnesses for the defense were unavailable to take the stand. 

Prosecutors want to prove Holder is guilty of second degree murder, and defense attorney Rick Fayard's aim is to convince the jury that Holder is not guilty, by reason of insanity.

The witnesses called Friday by the defense team were mostly doctors who dealt with Holder during his teenage years. They described the different medicines prescribed to him. They also discussed the many diagnoses given to him, some of which included bipolar disorder, ADHD, general anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and acute psychosis.

Licensed professional counselor Dr. Melissa Thomas, who first worked with Holder in 2006, testified about her experience with him. According to Thomas, Holder complained that he felt the students at school could read his thoughts and felt demons were out to get him since age 5.

Thomas also reported Holder's mother and father felt differently about the anti-psychotic medication prescribed to Holder after he expressed suicidal thoughts. Holder's father Gary felt his son didn't need the medicine. His mother Donna encouraged her son to take the prescribed drugs, said Thomas.

Holder reported to Thomas that his parents often fought about his medication and he felt caught in the middle. Holder's parents filed for divorce over their disagreement of Holder's treatment, Thomas said. According to her, Holder blamed himself for his parents troubles.

Another doctor testified Holder had grandiose delusions, thinking he had a gift to make paper shuffle from across the room with his mind. He also had delusions during which people on television were talking directly to him. Holder also reported to the doctor, at one point, he thought his mother was an impostor, which was described by the physician as a "capgras delusion."

That doctor believed Holder had a thought disorder, a combination between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He said Holder told him voices had encouraged him not to take his medicine.

D.A. Schuyler Marvin asked each doctor if they were aware or had any knowledge of Holder's mental state in November of 2011, when he is accused of murdering his mother. Each doctor replied that they did not.

Jessica Farrington, a nurse at Bossier Maximum Security Facility, testified that on March 6, 2013 Holder had been acting out wildly when he thought nobody was looking. Farrington reported hearing Holder conversing with himself, using two different voices. One voice was a deep demon sounding voice and the other voice was a baby sounding voice, Farrington said.

"The demon voice told him he was going to Hell for killing his mother. The baby sounding voice made whimpering noises, the demon voice kept shouting, 'Shut up! 'Shut up!'" Farrington testified.

She heard a banging noise and entered his cell to find him on all fours, banging his head on the floor. When she asked him what she was doing, Holder immediately stood up and responded with, "Nothing."

While the judge and jury were looking at the witness stand Thursday, sheriffs deputies were staring at Holder, who appeared to be having a hallucination. He could be seen moving his lips, shaking his head, and looking to the empty seat next to him, as if speaking to someone who wasn't there. His odd behavior lasted for several minutes.

One of Holder's family members burst into tears and walked out of the courtroom after witnessing his behavior. Some sheriff's deputies moved from the back of the courtroom to the front, standing near Holder and keeping a close eye on him.

The judge and jury seemed unaware of Holder's actions.

After calling a recess and being made aware of the incident, Judge Mike Nerren called Holder and his attorney up to the front. Nerren informed Holder that if he had another "outburst" like the one he had displayed, he would be kicked out of court. "I do not want to see any further activity of that nature," Nerren warned.

As a result of the combination of time spent dealing with that situation and also witness availability, Nerren chose to recess early.

KSLA News 12 was not allowed to get a comment from the prosecution or defense teams because of a gag order Nerren issued Wednesday.

On Friday a private investigator testified that during a prison interview Holder said "You want to know who killed her, you want to know who killed her? Jesus Christ killed her through my eyes." 

Chris Holder's dad, Gary also took the stand Friday and testified that he and Chris' mom were divorced, and said that the reason was because he didn't agree with the drugs and treatment given to his son. 

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