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911 calls: Longview man shot by police threatened officer in September

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Regan Wagner mug shot. (Photo Source: KLTV Staff). Regan Wagner mug shot. (Photo Source: KLTV Staff).
LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A preliminary autopsy reveals that the man killed by Longview police died from gunshot wounds to his torso and left upper-arm

Thursday, 23-year-old Regan Wagner was shot during a traffic stop. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. Longview police will not release information about what lead up to the shooting nor will they release the name of the officer who shot Wagner. However, Wagner has had past run-ins with the police department. 

Earlier in 2014, Wagner pleaded guilty to making abusive 911 calls and threatening a police officer in September. In those calls, Wagner called Longview 911 twelve times between 11 p.m. and 12:15 a.m.

Wagner told dispatch he wanted to file a report on behalf of his friend who was "jumped" the night before, but Wagner refused to give dispatch his name or his phone number, so an officer could come out and make the report. In the phone calls, Wagner demanded to speak with an officer immediately by phone. The phone calls are filled with profanity, but here is a censored excerpt:

September 24, 2013 at 11:08:33 pm.

Wagner: Yeah I wanted to make a report. Last night my buddy got jumped by two black guys on Real Road.

Dispatch: Did anyone make a report about that last night?

Wagner: No. I don't want to make a report. I just want to let you know that if a mother ****** tries to jump me or him again, I'm going to kill him, alright? ... There are two mother ******* out there right now that are going around beating up people for no ******* reason and what the **** are y'all going to do about it? Alright? What are y'all doing about it?

Dispatch:  Well, unless we're given a call we can't do anything about it because we don't know that it's going on, Sir. I can send an officer to you.

Wagner: You can't do **** about nothing because you're a ******* abusive police cop that just arrests people for no ******* reason. I'm just going to dial 9-1-1 again and I'm going to **** up another ******* officer of the law that is lazy enough to sit in a ******* cubicle all night instead of protecting the people that he swore to protect.

11:13:46 p.m.

Dispatch: Longview 911. What's the location of emergency?

Wagner: I would like to talk to a ******* cop that I just talked to just now. I just called up there to file a complaint. He just hung up on my ******* *** like I was a nobody. I'd like to talk to that ********* mother ****** right now.

Dispatch: Okay. What did you need to talk to somebody about?

Wagner: I want to talk to that mother ****** that I just talked to right now. I want to talk to him. That's who I want to talk to. I just called up here. He knows who I am. Put his *** on the ******* phone.

Dispatch: He's on another phone call right now. I'd be more than happy to---

Wagner: No no no no no no no no no no. There is no other phone call right now. You put that mother ****** on the phone right now or I'm going to come over there and kick him in the ******* face just like I kicked that mother ****** in the ******* face last night.

11:20:18 p.m.

Wagner: I'm not going to give you my name and phone number. All I want is ******* justice.

Dispatch: We do not have a police officer in the room.

Wagner: You put a police officer on the phone right now with a gun on his hip. That's who I want to talk to. I don't want to talk to no ******** mother ****** who takes calls... connect me with a real cop or I'm just going to keep calling back all night long. Ok. Do you understand me?

Dispatch: Ok. Are you understanding me that there is not a real cop back here?

Wagner: Put a real cop on the line right now or I'm going to keep calling back all night long. Ok? I want a real cop on the line right now.

Dispatch: You can keep saying that,  Sir, but I do not have someone back here to put on the phone with you.

Wagner: I pay your salary. I pay all of the cops' salary that are working out there right now for Longview Police District. I pay their salary. I want a real cop right now on the phone that I pay for his salary and his house and his kids. I want him on the phone right now to ******* uphold the justice that is deserved by me and my ******* fellow person ok?

11:36:44 p.m.

Police: This is Sergeant Kopeke.

Wagner: I'm trying to make some kind of report. I've been on the phone for about 15 minutes now. I'm trying to make a report. Last night my friend got jumped on Real Road by two black guys in a ******* Buick and some kind of chrome all over it...

Police: Stop. Stop. Listen. I can send an officer to you to take the report.

Wagner: Listen to me real fast, ok? I'm trying to see what you can do for me right now.

Police: Are you going to shut up and listen to me?

Wagner: How about this? How about you tell me where the **** you are at so I can come down there and tell you what I really think.

Officer: I am at 302 West Cotton Street

Wagner: 302 West Cotton Street?

Officer: Yep. You can meet me in the lobby.

Wagner: How about you put your ******* gun on the side of the road and I come over there and I whoop your ******* ***. How about that?

Officer: Alright. Come on. 302 West Cotton.

Wagner: You're going to arrest me, right? Because I'm a ******* crazy individual, right? Because I care about my friend's life, right? Because he got kicked in the ******* face, right? How about you just trace my ******* phone and you come and get me and you arrest me or you ******* try to and I put a bullet in your ******* head you stupid--.

In May, Wagner was sentenced to two years probation and one year in county jail because of his 911 threats. However, according to Gregg County records the jail sentence was suspended until 2015.

The Texas Rangers are still investigating Thursday's incident. While Longview Police will not release the name of the officer involved in the shooting on Thursday, they have told us that the officer is currently on administrative leave.

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