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Bicyclist safety highlighted in Tyler billboard campaign

Share the road billboard posted on Hwy. 110 near Loop 49. Share the road billboard posted on Hwy. 110 near Loop 49.
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - After another bicyclist was hit by a car over the weekend, some members of Tyler's biking community are speaking out about sharing the road. 

Janice Terry suffered a broken back and lacerations after a car struck her on Sunday night. Less than a month ago, Mark Cathey was filming his ride when he was clipped in Bullard.

The Tyler Bicycle Club wants to raise awareness about the dangers cyclists are facing, so the club has recently posted billboards around town, giving a face to the group.

Bike shop owner Joe Self said he has noticed the placement of the billboards.

"They're setting the billboards in areas where cyclists are riding often, so I think that's going to be good," Self said.

Self said the awareness campaign is just as important for cyclists as it is for motorists.

"Obviously a cyclist can make a mistake, a driver can make a mistake, so I think the key is working together," Self said.

Now the conditions of where cyclists ride are adding to the issue, and a local triathlete thinks the increased number of people riding might be a cause for the increased number of incidents.

"The roads we ride are, for the most part, safe, but recent events have me questioning that," local triathlete Clay Emge said.

Emge said he has been cycling in East Texas for nearly eight years, and even with taking the proper precautions, cycling can be a risk.

"We're on these roads with little to no shoulder, and it's a risk you take every time you go out," Emge said.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a cyclist is killed every 9 days in Texas. There is a Vigilance Ride scheduled for Sunday, August 17, to show community support for fallen riders and the East Texas cycling family, according to a Facebook page. Click here for more information.

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