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Clerk held at gunpoint sends message to robber

A woman who was held at gunpoint on the job Saturday morning is recovering emotionally while Shreveport police search for the person responsible.

“For you to have a gun pointed to my head, I just hope that the money that you took, it pays for your bills,” said Candace, who was robbed at gunpoint by an unidentified man.

When Candace opened the doors of the Phillips 66 in the 6800 block of Buncombe Road, she couldn't have prepared herself for what came next.

She says a man armed with a semi-automatic gun dressed in all black stormed into the store, came behind the counter and forced her onto the ground.

"He made me get on the floor because he didn't want me calling anybody," Candace said.

She says the man, who she describes as being about six feet tall with a thin build, yanked the phone out of the wall and took her cell phone from her. Candace says she was battling car troubles earlier that morning and feels that things could have played out much worse if it weren't for those troubles.

“By my car not working, it was meant for me to stay there a little while longer. If not he would have got me earlier this morning, I am pretty sure,” she said.

The man was last seen wearing dark sunglasses and a red and black Chicago Bulls hat. Candace is a little shaken up, but she says that nothing will ruin her day.

"I believe in God, and I believe no weapon formed against me shall prosper. At the end of the day I have joy regardless of what happened," Candace said.

Her faith is untouched, and she's got a clear message for the man holding the gun. 

"I hope that you can come to a point in your life where you change, because what you did was an evil act. There are too many people in Shreveport that would have helped you,” she said.

Investigators are working to review the surveillance video in hopes that something will lead them to the man responsible. In the meantime, Candace is working to reclaim her peace.

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