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Party time! Saints fans celebrate first pre-season game

Beer deliveries are the norm on game day as businesses ramp up for a new round of Saints spirit.
"It's our game day rally. Everybody is coming to practice remembering how to day Who Dat and get ready for the big season," said Chris Ferguson of Walk On's.

At the bar, Brittany Schexnayder cuts up lemons and limes.

"From a customer's perspective, it's pretty nuts and super busy and there's no standing room sometimes and no sitting room ever."

B.J. Vincens and his son, Tanner, dressed out early and got a table for lunch.

"Extremely excited, I know a lot of our starters aren't going to play, but I'm excited to see a lot of the rookies," he said.

Customer Greg Supplants says the dead season in sports is bad.

"I'm like a junkie. I'm ready to get injected."

In the Dome, the field is being painted and prepped for the first home game next week. Fans who usually pack this place will be packing their living rooms for an all out party.

Like Lucille and Earnest. They're Super fans who shopped for game day food.

"We going to do it big. I have a good feeling about this season," he said.

He is Soul Saint on game day. He wears an afro, a crazy costume and punches the air with his fists.

His car, his yard and even his motorcycle are all done up in Saints colors.

"Saints plus soul equal Super Bowl," he said.

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