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"I don't expect to find her alive and that's hard," says friend of missing ETX woman

Christina Davison, Source: Facebook Christina Davison, Source: Facebook

Family members of a missing Kilgore woman say they are one step closer to finding answers about her disappearance. 

Christina Davison was last seen on May 16, 2014 in Kilgore. Investigators say they first thought Davison might have vanished to avoid her ex-husband, Craig Davison. 

Craig was arrested last week and is charged with assault family violence from an incident that happened with Christina back in February. Investigators say they finally gathered enough evidence to arrest Craig Davison for the assault. One of Christina's close friends says Craig's arrest could lead to new developments in Christina's case.

"I'm hoping, with him in jail, there's less intimidation and people will feel more comfortable coming out and saying something," says Patti Rucker, who's known Christina Davison for more than 30 years.

Rucker says Christina was like a sister and she stood by her through all of life's ups and downs, including several incidents with Christina's ex-husband, Craig.

Records show Craig is a repeat offender with at least three prior arrests in East Texas for assault family violence. Officers working Christina's case say Craig and his associates are at the center of their investigation.

Rucker says she doesn't expect someone to turn themselves in, she just wants an anonymous tip, "Please call. Let us have some closure. If she's alive, thank you Jesus. If she's gone to be with Jesus, let us give her a proper burial, please."

Kilgore police confirm Christina was living in a Kilgore apartment, hiding from Craig Davison.

"Only myself and two other people had ever been there, to my knowledge," says Rucker.

Rucker was in charge of cleaning out the apartment one month after Christina disappeared.

"Before it was like, 'Okay, maybe she's still hiding. She just she got scared and she left.' But, when I walked into the apartment it was eye opening. She left everything," says Rucker, "I don't expect to find her alive and that's hard."

Rucker says everyone involved wants to know the truth, "If we don't get justice here on earth, there will be justice later."

Friends and family say you can help find Christina by looking for her vehicle on your property. They hope hunting season will increase the chance Christina will be found. Christina was last seen in her 1992 black Toyota Camry with temporary license plate #CL6D629.

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