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Texarkana, TX cracking down on parking laws

Texarkana, TX police crack down on parking rules. Texarkana, TX police crack down on parking rules.

The City of Texarkana, Texas has organized a task force to focus on the handicap accessible parking requirements for local businesses.

City Hall is hoping business cooperation will provide help to the disabled.

"She also has her handicap sticker in front of the visor," said one TTPD officer patrolling business parking lots. The officers are looking for handicap parking violators not only for motorist but also the individual businesses.

"Basically we are looking to ensure that the signs that the businesses have erected on their property for the handicap parking actually meet the standards of the regulation," said Shawn Vaughn, police spokesman.

He said businesses should do more than painting handicapped parking on concrete. They must also have a sign at least 5 feet from the ground designating the spot as handicapped only parking.

"The 60-inch standard almost seems like splitting hairs but the law is very specific," he said.

Vaughn said the proper signage is needed in order for officers to do their jobs.

"The officer can't write a citation for anybody that is parked there even though they have not have the placard or may be doing it illegal," he said.

The push to get local businesses to comply with the handicapped parking law is not to penalize the businesses, but to further help those who may have a disability, he said.

"It is more of an education thing because most of them have gone to some kind of effort to provide handicapped parking for their patrons," Vaughn said.

The TTPD said businesses without the required signage could be fined $1,000 to $3,000 for the first offense.

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