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Businesses, workers lost income due to weekend water crisis

Inside Pizza Papalis Inside Pizza Papalis
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Many local businesses and workers are still feeling the effects of the water crisis, which forced many businesses to close their doors over the weekend.

Pizza Papalis is just one business that was closed on Saturday and Sunday due to a lack of clean water. The crisis resulted in a major loss of business for the restaurant located near Fifth Third Field downtown.

"You're looking in the 10,000 [dollar] range if there was a game going on," said general manager Dave Keen. "Since it was a non-game [weekend], you're looking at a little less than that."

It wasn't just the restaurant that was hurt. Employees stayed home and will see that loss on their paychecks or sooner, if they rely on tips as part of their income.

"The worst part is that it was near the first of the month, as well," Keen said. "A lot of people's house payments were coming around."

"When I don't come into work, I don't make any money," said Felicia Olson, a server at Pizza Papalis.

Olsen says she lost up to $400 by not working over the weekend.

"I had a pretty large party that I was supposed to [serve] on Saturday," Olsen said. "I couldn't come into work, so I lost out on a lot of tips."

Another server, Meredith Melecosky, says she relies on the tips she makes.

"It was a struggle because typically I work every weekend, and just being off and the lack of making money was kind of rough," she said.

Business returned to normal on Monday. It's not yet known exactly how much total money was lost by businesses being closed over the weekend, but officials say it's at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Read a release from the city of Toledo on the mechanical failure here

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