Sen. Landrieu contacts EPA regarding Harrelson landfill

Sen. Landrieu contacts EPA regarding Harrelson landfill

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A North Shreveport landfill that continues to cause problems for nearby residents may soon get some national attention.

The group formed in the Martin Luther King, Jr. neighborhood to fight the problems caused by the Harrelson landfill contacted U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's office about their plight. Landrieu responded that she has requested a full inquiry into this matter from the Environmental Protection Agency.

"I will promptly provide you with any pertinent information as soon as I receive a response from this agency," Landrieu wrote in her response to the MLK 71107 group.

The group said in an email that Landrieu should be commended for her prompt attention to the landfill issue.

They said they "look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Senator Landrieu as we move forward in addressing the HMM situation and all of the matters that are relevant and of concern to the MLK 71107 area of Shreveport, LA."

Residents have complained about the haze and smoke caused by underground fires at the landfill for years. The DEQ ordered it to shut down last month, but that may take a few months.

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