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'Welcome to Lindale' sign gets a new face

Miranda's Image gets a face replacement. Miranda's Image gets a face replacement.
LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - The vandalized “Welcome to Lindale” sign featuring Miranda Lambert got a new face today...literally.

The sign company that designed the original welcome sign for the city continues to maintain it, and said it would be quicker and cheaper to do a patch instead of a whole new sign.

The sign is owned by the Lindale Rotary Club.

Pieter Cilliers of Sign Masters takes a look at the fresh print of Miranda Lambert’s face that should fix the vandalism to the sign.

Cilliers said what they've made is a, “Digitally printed vinyl decal that we’re going to cut; It’s basically an overlay that’s going to go on top of the big vinyl banner that we have out there."

They have the image, which they designed, on file, and tried to adjust the color for fading, so it’s a good match.

“I think it’s going to work and I think it’s going to look fabulous,” Cilliers stated.

It’s basically a large Miranda-face sticker.

“It’s a solvent ink that’s printed on the vinyl. It’s made for outdoor use. A technology that’s developed specifically for that type of application,” Cilliers revealed.

They trimmed the face at the hairline and chin and were ready. They used a bucket truck and the first order of business was making sure they worked with a clean slate.

The face was lined up and held in place with tape, and then the backing was partially peeled. It was pressed into place, and the same was done very carefully with the top half of the face. No one wants wrinkles at this point.

With the face in place, the protective cover on the front was removed. The face lined up perfectly.

“Did it come out as well as you thought?” I asked Pieter.

“Yeah, I think it came out pretty good. Miranda’s back to her former glory on the billboard and I think it’s a job well done; something she can be proud of.

A member of the Lindale Rotary Club was on hand and told me, off camera, that he was happy with the result.

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