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Sylvania officials shut off water as precaution during Toledo crisis

Sylvania's water station Sylvania's water station
SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Sylvania residents want toknow if the city had a backup water system with clean water that could havebeen used during the crisis.

Sylvania city officialssay as soon as they heard about a possible contamination of the water fromToledo, they shut the valves off at Sylvania pump stations. They say safety istheir top priority, so they weren't going to declare any water safe until theyknew for sure.

"Our system was fairlyfull at that time," said Sylvania Director of Public Service Kevin Aller. "Ourtanks were in pretty good shape, as far as how much water we had in them, andso we were able to operate off of that for about a day."

But they wanted to makesure they got test results back before informing Sylvania residents that thewater was safe to use. They do have a backup pump, used when the city's waterdemands are too high for just one pump, but the water there comes from Toledo,as well, so it was also at risk of being contaminated.

"The water that we had,and the water that we were receiving, was safe as far as that goes, but we didn'tknow that for certain until we got those results back on Monday afternoon,"Aller said.

He says city officials hadto take the safe road for residents and could not just assume the water wassafe.

"Once your supplier says, ‘Wehave possible contamination. Don't consume the water,' we have to take thatseriously," said Aller.

Sylvania officials saythey don't want residents to think that they knew their water was safe thewhole time, because they didn't know that for a fact. 

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