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Bossier pest control spraying for mosquitoes at night

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Growing concerns over mosquitoes after recent rains has Bossier City pest control working four nights a week.

Bossier City Mosquito Control typically starts spraying in the evenings, but they sometimes spray in the mornings as well. Crews start in South Bossier on Mondays and then work their way north during the rest of the week. 

The middle part of the city gets sprayed on Tuesdays, and the north side on Wednesdays. They treat any problem areas on Thursdays.

BCMC said their office takes about three complaints a week about mosquitoes, and they always make sure to get out to the complaint area when that happens.

Supervisor Mike Santoro said the best thing to do is to prevent bites yourself. 

"When you go outside just use your Off that has DEET," he said. "Any kind of product that you can spray on you. It will help. Keep all your containers empty, so you're not breeding them."

It only takes mosquitoes between 5-14 days to breed. Mosquitoes need water to breed, so it's so important to dump out everything that holds water outside.

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