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Police report reveals a visit to Quitman toddlers' apartment complex days before they died


Thomas Wayne Liles is named as a suspect in an incident report about an assault that occurred on the day two toddlers were found dead at an apartment complex in Quitman. The reports show that was the second time that week law enforcement responded to a call from that complex.

The first incident report from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office shows deputies were called to the Dogwood Villa apartments on July 21 to assist another agency on a call. The report shows that the suspect in that call is Thomas Wayne Liles and that the victim was a female. The report does not disclose why law enforcement were called to the property, and Liles was not arrested at the time.

KLTV has also obtained a second incident report from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office when they responded to the Dogwood Villa Apartments on July 24. That’s the day the two children, three year old Gabriella Guerrero and one year old Natalye Price were found dead. That report shows Wood County deputies were called to the apartments for a reported assault. The parent/guardian of the girls found dead is listed in the paperwork as Daphne McDaniels. The suspect listed in that report is also Thomas Wayne Liles.

Liles, as KLTV 7 has reported, is in the Wood County Jail charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. His bond was originally set at $25,000. On July 31, Liles bond was doubled, to $50,000. The Wood County District Attorney’s Office would not answer why the bond was doubled. Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 Alice Tomerlin, however, said the bond was doubled because authorities felt Liles was a flight risk since he has family out of state.

Multiple witnesses say Liles had been observed running from the apartment and threw "a large item" into a dumpster next to the building before help arrived to assist the girls. When help arrived, the girls were deceased. "He went to dump [the items] from what I can recall. He went to the dump and somebody saw him," said neighbor Selma Bell. Bell said the items looked like large pipes, but she did not know what kind. Bell also told KLTV that CPS had been involved with the family.

Neighbor Selma Bell neighbor said this incident could have been prevented.

"I asked the officer the other day when they came here Tuesday [July 21st] to the residence for TJ I said did you check the kids for me? He said no. I said okay. He said I'm going to check into it now. Look what happened. The little girls are dead. Why didn't anyone listen to me? The little girls could be alive right now," Selma Bell said.

The Department of Child Protective Services says they investigated the family in December of 2013. The allegations were medical neglect and physical neglect. The home, they say, had no running water, a large amount of trash and debris was found inside the home, and one of the children had a bump on her leg that appeared to be infected. This investigation occurred at a different residence, we are told, not at Dogwood Villa Apartments.

During the investigation the mother was moved into adequate and safe housing with her children. She was able to utilize resources offered by CPS to care for the girls' basic needs and extended needs. They were also given medical care and were receiving treatment for the bump that was found on one child's leg. It healed and there was no other harm or injury to the child, CPS says.

CPS says the case was closed because the children were safe and being cared for properly by the mother. The three of them were living alone and the children were in daycare while she was at work. The case was closed on February. Neighbors say the boyfriend, Liles, came into the picture a few months ago.

The preliminary autopsy results show that both children died from blunt force trauma and listed the cause as homicide. No new charges have been filed in the case. The Quitman Police Department and the Texas Rangers are still investigating.

No new charges have been filed in the case.

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