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ETX employees' last day after budget, personnel cuts

Lillian Tidwell was laid off from her job Thursday in Bowie County. Lillian Tidwell was laid off from her job Thursday in Bowie County.

Today was "D-Day" for some Bowie County government employees.

Over the past few weeks, we've told you about the county's financial problems and the intent to cut the county payroll by 15 percent.

Well, today some employees were laid off.

"I am trying to get everything nice before I leave," said Lillian Tidwell, who was one of those who lost their job.

For many, four months and one day may not seem long, but for Tidwell, it is a lifetime. It was just that bit of time she had left before she was eligible to retire from the Bowie County Juvenile Probation Department.

Instead, she's being laid off.

"You have been with someone for 19 years and it is hard to not willingly go away," she said.

Thursday, KSLA News 12 was with Tidwell as she began removing items acquired over her tenure with the BCJPD.

"One day I am taking a 15 percent pay cut and the next day I am laid off," she said. "Nobody else is taking a cut. My cut is more than 15 percent."

Even on her last day with the county, Tidwell was unable to put in a full day's work. She said a quick trip to the family doctor with her daughter was necessary because of the heath benefits she'll be losing along with her job.

"My medical, which is one of the benefits when you retire, I lose it after today," she said. "This is it. I have worked 19 years and I don't get that at all."

The supervisor of the juvenile probation department was unavailable for comment.

"It is hard, it is hard," Tidwell said. "It is just not right. It is just not right. If it was right I wouldn't have any problem with it, but this is just not right."

The 15 percent payroll cut is for August and September. County commissioners will have to decide if the cut will continue into Fiscal Year 2015, which begins on October 1.

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