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Lights at Haughton roadside memorial trashed, replaced


Missing items from a roadside memorial to an ArkLaTex girl who lost her life near the site has her family shocked and outraged.

The memorial marker is that of a loved one whose death sparked a state-wide push for cable barriers along freeways. A little more than two years ago, Kelly Hatfield’s daughter, Megan, was killed in a car crash, one that could have been prevented if cable barriers separated the roadways.

“Megan for me, it’s a story about my daughter, that she was loved by everyone that came across her, it’s also a reminder that a life was lost,” Hatfield said. 

A lawn worker returned solar panel lights to her memorial marker. They light the cross at Megan Mote’s memorial.

“It does kind of sting a little bit to think that the road crew thought it was trash," Hatfield said. "They literally had to have taken the stakes out with it. They weren't knocked over, they were formed into a design."

The mother said it still takes her breath away to drive by her daughter’s memorial site. She called KSLA News 12 when she heard the lights her family put out by the cross were missing. 

“It’s just a reminder and it’s my way of keeping her out there in the world, that she won’t be forgotten,” Hatfield said.

KSLA News 12 found the workers had bagged up the lights and taken them away, saying they thought the lights were trash. 

“It’s kind of hard to explain to be honest. For me it’s just a representation of my daughter, my love for her, to let other people know that she meant something” Hatfield said.

The workers replaced the lights, so Megan's memory will light the way for change, and to help drivers notice the cable barriers that have since been built at the accident scene.

“That’s how she had to lose her life to raise awareness, and to get those barriers up, to save another life," Hatfield said. "A reminder, of pretty much what my daughter gave up for those cable barriers to be put up.”

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