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Bowie County cuts prompt deputy to retire early

Deputy Garry McCrary is leaving his post in Bowie County so others can keep their jobs. Deputy Garry McCrary is leaving his post in Bowie County so others can keep their jobs.

July 31 is the due date for each department in Bowie County to cut its payroll budget, and so far, more than 15 positions have been slashed to save the county money.

Some leaders said this action is needed for the county to remain financially solvent. The removed positions will save more than $487,000 in total annual gross wages.

The sheriff's office is also seeing cuts but one employee is sacrificing a lot to lighten that department's load.

For nearly 20 years, Sgt. Garry McCrary haspatrolledd the roads of western Bowie County as a sheriff's deputy. But in two days, he will make his last rounds.

"I love it," he said. "I still love it. It is something that I like doing."

McCrary said he is taking an early retirement to help the sheriff's office, and his fellow deputies. To help Bowie County make it to the end of this fiscal year, the sheriff's department is cutting six spots.

McCrary's job was safe but he's sacrificing the job he loves.

"But I would rather give it up than to see some young individual with a family suffer," he said.

Before coming to the BCSO, McCrary retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and said he will be able to make it after July 31.

"I don't want a pat on the back for it," he said. "Matter of fact I am still mad about it myself but it is a decision I had to make."

The layoffs will be visibly noticed here at the county courthouse in New Boston. Security personnel and equipment put in place when a sheriff's deputy was killed in the basement of the courthouse will be removed.

"We don't like giving it up," said Captain David Graber of the BCSO. "It is either removing it from there or we take it off or take a deputy off the streets answering 911 calls to our citizens."

It is not known how security will be provided for those attending court. Right now the 15 percent cuts are for August and September. Commissioners have not determined if those cuts will continue in Fiscal Year 2015.

"Most definitely, I would come back in any capacity or anything however they want me to do because I love this," McCrary said.

Bowie County's fiscal year begins in October.

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