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ArkLaTex blood supplies low; donations needed


Blood supplies at ArkLaTex hospitals are down to half of what they need in stock, and local blood centers are asking for the public's help.

They say they need blood donations, and if they do not get enough in, patients could die. 

"This is 24-7 saving lives. The blood is tested and then sent to all of our area hospitals," said Sandra Planchard with Life Share Blood Center. "You never know what it’s going to be you or someone you love in that hospital bed."

Planchard say they only have enough blood to supply two to three days.

“Nationwide we are 80,000 units short. In Shreveport, La. we are desperately trying to keep our supply at 5-6 days’ supply for our patients in the hospital,” she said.  

“There is no substitute for human blood,” Planchard added.

Caddo Commissioner Jerald Bowman held a blood drive and dedicated it to his mother, Joyce. A little more than a year ago, the community said its final goodbyes to Caddo Commissioner Joyce Bowman. 

"She really wanted to make sure that people understood the need of why they should give, and it’s something that should be continuous," Jerald Bowman said.

Joyce Bowman was a blood recipient during her cancer treatment, and because of that, was able to spend a little more time with her family. 

"It’s not just my mother, it’s someone else’s mother, someone else’s sister, someone else out there. And we just have to keep it up and keep supporting," Jerald Bowman said.

Life Share supplies blood to 29 area hospitals, so donating could be the difference between life and death.

"You never know when that accident, that liver transplant, that heart transplant will take up to 100 units of blood and that wipes us out. Help us save lives for this community," Planchard said.

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