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Crash involving Mt. Juliet officer caught on video


On June 30, Sgt. Montell Jackson hit a concrete pole in an Aldi parking lot while going about 10 miles per hour.

Video of the crash was posted on YouTube, and it's something that has sparked outrage in the community.

"It was very slanted in one direction. Didn't really give both sides of the story about kind of why the crash occurred," said Lt. Tyler Chandler with the Mt. Juliet Police Department.

There's no dispute over whether the sergeant was distracted when he hit the pole, but exactly why he was distracted is in question. People have posted online saying he was distracted by his cell phone, but officials say it was the other vehicle seen in the video.

"The vehicle, from Jackson's statements, was driving fast, turned wide and did not stop while pulling out of the parking lot like it should have stopped. So, as he turned to look over his shoulder to see which direction the vehicle was going, he struck the pole," Chandler said.

The video was posted by Chris Sorey, a man who's openly called the city into question over various issues for years, which questions the validity of Jackson's story.

This text was added to the video: "Look to the left side of the screen and you can barely see the car leaving. Does it look like it swung wide to you?"

The police department said Jackson's story lines up with exactly what they saw on the recording.

"Sgt. Jackson never lied to us. He was completely forthcoming about it," Chandler said. "Yes, Sgt. Jackson was at fault. Yes, he made a mistake, but our police officers are human beings, and they drive 24/7 when they're out there on patrol."

A urinalysis test was conducted after the incident as a matter of routine procedure. Jackson passed the test but was given a written reprimand over the wreck. The Tennessee Highway Patrol was called in to avoid the appearance of favoritism.

Click here to see the video on YouTube. (WARNING: Some curse words in video)

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