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Ask The Expert: Physical Therapy

Spectrum Rehabilitation Center


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  • Occupational Restoration Program:

    Thursday, February 22 2001 12:18 PM EST2001-02-22 17:18:50 GMT
    The Occupational Restoration Program has been designed for the patient whom the treating physician believes requires closure, Maximum Medical Improvement, and return to work. This patient may or may More >>
  • Preoperative Evaluation and Education Program:

    Thursday, February 22 2001 12:23 PM EST2001-02-22 17:23:03 GMT
    The PEP Program has been designed to address a patient’s concerns regarding spinal or upper extremity surgery. This program is in tended to evaluate patients for readiness for surgery, options to surgery,More >>
  • Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evualuation:

    Thursday, February 22 2001 12:27 PM EST2001-02-22 17:27:07 GMT
    This Evaluation is an interdisciplinary evaluation designed to assist the referring physician in developing a treatment plan for complex cases. The evaluation addresses medical, psychological and physicalMore >>
  • Stabilization Program:

    Thursday, February 22 2001 12:30 PM EST2001-02-22 17:30:38 GMT
    The Stabilization Program is designed to address those with acute back and neck discomfort. The program is intended to provide relief of symptoms, reduce risk of injury, avoid further diagnostics and More >>
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