Dog owned by murdered moms still waiting for new family

BCAC searches for forever home for dog who witnessed murders of owners

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A 1-year-old Bossier City Lab mix has been in the shelter for more than three months since the tragic death of both of his owners.

Animal control workers are committed to helping him find a forever home.

BCAC workers named this pup Rip, it stands for "rest in peace." He is wagging his tail now, but the way he got his name and home at the shelter makes the employees like Judy Stewart emotional.

"There was a double homicide, he was there inside the house at the time," Stewart said.

Rip belonged to Jacqueline Beadle and Karyl Cox. Police said the two were found murdered inside their Bossier home on Mother's Day.

The accused killer, Brandon Butler, was arraigned Tuesday and pleaded not guilty. He's being held at the Bossier Max in Plain Dealing.

Stewart was called to the scene that day.

"When I got there, they told me there was a dog inside and they needed to get it removed," she said.

When he was picked up, Rip had splotches of blood on him, likely that of his owners. The dog seemed traumatized and refused to walk away from the house.

Stewart had to carry him to the truck.

"He appeared to be taken care of and loved when I picked him up, so I think he was just grieving," said Stewart.

Rip has been at the shelter ever since.

Assistant Shelter Superintendent Kay Laborde is surprised nobody wants him.

"We thought this dog, when he first came into the shelter, with the story he had to tell, we would have to be shoveling through the paperwork to try to find the right owner for him," Laborde said.

Animal control workers say because Rip has been there so long, had he been at any other shelter, he would have been put to sleep by now. But shelter workers said they are so committed to finding Rip his forever family, that they don't want to see that happen.

"Because of what he went through, what those poor girls went through, they want this dog to have a forever home," said Laborde.

"We went and got him neutered, we've done everything we possibly can, but yet since May he still sits here," said Laborde.

Rip's adoption fee is $70.00.

Adoption hours are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the Bossier City Animal Shelter at 3217 Old Shed Road. You can contact them by calling 318-741-8499.

Saturdays are for adoptions only, no surrenders.

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