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Shreveport woman cheated by ex-con home remodeler

Louie John Brown Louie John Brown

A Shreveport woman says she fell victim to a rehab rip off, handing over thousands of dollars for work that was never completed. 

And she unknowingly handed the money over to a man with a serious criminal past.

"Lots of time, lots of money, " begins Linda Morehead, recalling her dealings with Brown Brothers Remodeling from Cushing, Oklahoma - specifically Louie John Brown.

"He made me think he was my best friend, " adds Morehead.

She had paid Brown roughly $8,500 to remodel her condo in South Shreveport. Morehead wasn't living in it yet, but was anxious to move in. However as the weeks passed, she says the red flags started going up.

The first flag, noticing one of Brown's hired hands panhandling for money at a busy Shreveport intersection.

"One day we saw him at the corner of Youree and 70th, or Bert Kouns, with a sign that said, 'Will work for food.'"

Morehead says the worker told her Brown had not been paying him properly.

The second red flag was much more disgusting, discovered weeks later during a surprise inspection.

"There was a man on a blow-up mattress and dirty dishes everywhere and porno tapes everywhere, " says Morehead.

She says the man told her Brown told him he could live upstairs until the work was complete.

After calling Brown, Morehead says he pleaded with her to let him finish the work. However, days later, she says Brown claimed he was making a run to the hardware store and never came back.

"On these type of cases, we look at the wording of a contract, what was paid for, and if her work was completed," says Sgt. Amy Muller of the Shreveport Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit. After investigating Morehead's claims, they issued a warrant for his arrest.

But Morehead soon discovered Brown had a checkered criminal past. Back in the late 1980's, he pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit murder. He accepted $5,000 in a murder-for-hire in Texas and court records showed he served 20 years before being paroled.

KSLA News 12 left text messages and voice messages for Brown in Oklahoma, and he eventually called back.

We asked Brown if he had any intentions of coming back to Shreveport to clear up the matter.

He responded with, "Well, I'm not going to walk into a warrant, no."

Shreveport police are currently working with Brown's parole officer in OK to possibly get his parole revoked and eventually have him extradited back to Shreveport to face charges.

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