Louisiana Lightning AAU basketball team ready for battle

Louisiana Lightning AAU basketball team ready for battle

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Louisiana Lightning AAU basketball team is ranked one of the top teams in the state. The team is loaded with talent from the northern part of Louisiana.

Loyola High School all purpose forward Amber Smith enjoys playing with the best.

"To me this is a Shreveport, Bossier, Mansfield, and Coushatta all-star team," said Smith
Head Coach Kenny Carswell is out to prove that North Louisiana has talent just as good as South Louisiana.

"There's just a lot of talent here in northern Louisiana that sometimes gets over looked a lot of times they talk about talent down south but we have beat most of those teams down south already," said Carswell.

The Lightning basketball team is 25-1 this season. The game they lost was to the Lady Pumas from New Orleans, with one of the best post players in the state. Former Louisiana Tech star and NBA veteran P.J. Brown's daughter, Kalani Brown, at 6'6" helped the Pumas defeat the Lightning.

"There is a little animosity a lot of going to get it we are leaving it all out there, probably going to be a couple whistles getting blown extra because of what happen last time," said Smith

The Lightning lost by 7 to the Pumas in the state tournament, but the team feels like they have made the proper adjustments.

"We are going to push the ball more, we are going to kick feed the big girls inside and hit the outside shots basically do everything that we didn't do to to get the win," said Smith.

The team had fun before practice on the sideline but on the court they took care of business. Carswell make sure the mood is set before the big game.

"Off the court you can be friends but on the court you have to go for what you know," he said.

Guard Ashlyn Jacobs is confident and ready for action.

"We are going down to New Orleans and we gone bring it home we are going to win and beat the Pumas," said Jacobs. 

The Lightning ladies are in New Orleans and the tournament starts Wednesday and the championship game will be Friday.

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