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New law triples insurance lapse fines


Those driving without car insurance could now face steeper consequences as a new law has tripled fines for lapses in coverage.

This law, proposed by state Rep. Barry Ivey (R) of Baton Rouge, took effect July 1. It was designed to crack down on people driving without insurance, which is illegal.

But even those who are in good standing with their insurance company could be at risk.

"If you are caught without insurance for one second of one day, you will be fined," DMV Commissioner Stephen Campbell said. "It's not fair for people who follow the law to have to pay for others' mistakes."

If you find yourself without coverage, your fines could end up being up to three times the amount they were before this law was passed. If you go without insurance for 1-30 days you'll have to pay a fine of $125. For 31-90 days, the fine is $225, and for over 90 days the fine is $525.

Despite the possible hit to the pocket, some drivers said it's a good thing to see the state making stronger efforts to hold drivers accountable.

"I know it's going to put a burden on a lot of people, but driving is a privilege, and you have to accept all responsibilities that go along with it when you decide to get behind the wheel," said Brenda Jones.

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