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Intersection safety concerns resurface after fatal wreck

Intersection of Ashley Ridge Rd. and East Flournoy Lucas Rd. Intersection of Ashley Ridge Rd. and East Flournoy Lucas Rd.
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A recent fatal motorcycle crash has put a dangerous Shreveport intersection in the spotlight once again. The latest accident killed a motorcyclist Friday afternoon at the intersection of East Flournoy Lucas Road and Ashley River Road in South Shreveport.

A wooden cross sits on the property of Lorrie Nunley's business, marking the spot where a 42-year-old motorcyclist died two years ago after the motorcyclist lost control and crashed into a pickup truck.  "His wife did ask if she could put the cross here and she comes every month and cleans out around the cross," Nunley said.

At the time, police said the driver of the pickup truck tried to avoid hitting the motorist but was unable to because they were traveling in close proximity of each other. 

History repeated itself on Friday with another fatal motorcycle wreck, just a few feet away. Police say the wreck happened as a Scion TC was leaving the subdivision near the intersection of E. Flournoy Lucas Road and Ashley River Road.  Police believe the car struck the motorcyclist as he traveled eastbound on E. Flournoy Lucas Road. "Friday was  déjà vu all over again," said Nunley.

Nunley and 12 Oaks subdivision neighbor Jennifer Moore feel the common link between the tragedies is this intersection.  "There is just too much congestion all at one time," said Moore.

The traffic did not look heavy Sunday afternoon, but Nunley says the real problem is during peak rush hour times during the weekday. "It is like everyone is trying to scramble to go in 4 different directions and you are dodging traffic that's going 50-60 mph sometimes faster," she said. 

"The main thing is we need to slow the traffic down that's coming through here," Nunely added.  

Several other neighbors agree, a traffic light at the intersection would be a solution to the problem. "It would just organize the chaos," said Moore.
However, neighbors explained the Department of Transportation and Development told them a red light wouldn't be possible, just yet. "They did a traffic count, there wasn't enough traffic for it," said Nunley.

In light of this latest accident, Nunley hopes the DOTD will revisit the issue soon. "I know it will save lives," she added. Residents say their next plan of action is to reach out to Shreveport mayoral candidates with their concerns. 

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