Family First: Helping children find homes through adoption

Family First: Completing your family with adoption

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Most married couples dream of one day starting a family, but the reality is that some women are just not able to conceive for various reasons. While most take the route of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization treatments, which can be costly, others find alternative routes of starting a family like adoption.       

This was the case for the Stanberry family. Todd and Michaela Stanberry can finally say their family is complete, but getting to this point was not easy. Both their daughter and son, Quinn and Mathis, were adopted.

Todd says, " For a good 4 or 5 years, we were trying the 'old fashioned way.' We had some interference from doctors here and there. We probably saw 3 or 4 different physicians just trying to gain as much knowledge as we could about infertility." 

Even with the help of doctors and medication, the Stanberry's still could not get pregnant. They soon turned to In Vitro Fertilization, attempting to get pregnant using this method twice. Both times the IVF failed.

"We had one of those procedures one summer and it did not work. At that point we were devastated because we thought after everything we had been through, that would be the thing that would work," said Michaela.

It wasn't until Todd went to a concert in Tyler, TX where a Christian artist spoke about his experience adopting a child from China that he knew in his heart what they had to do.

"That was the defining moment for me, that was when I realized there was such a global need for children that don't have homes." 

Six years later, Quinn and Mathis join their family. The Stanberry's were not looking to adopt domestically but they were contacted by their adoption agency about little Mathis. Mathis was born in Shreveport, the Stanberry's say not only do they know his birth parents and family, but have been in contact with them for holidays and birthdays. The process of adopting Quinn took a while longer. She was adopted from China, it would take the couple 4 years to finally bring her back to the US.

"She'd been in anorphanagee her whole life and knew nothing but that. We're not sure she saw grass, she was afraid of the grass and the noises. So bonding was a little bit more of an issue but I have always loved her, says Michaela."

Missy Everson of Open Arms Adoption Services says many people were going to international countries and those have virtually closed for the most part. 

"There is more of a domestic need for birth moms to know that there are families out there who really want to adopt their child."

Everson says the adoption process in the US can be challenging since most children have to be removed from their home for various reason to enter the foster care system. In other countries, children are surrendered or abandoned to an orphanage.

Now that their circle is complete, the Stanberry's are spreading the word hoping to help other child find homes of their own.

"God has a child for everyone, it just may not be the way you thought it would happen."

If you are interested in learning more about adoption, you can contact Open Arms Adoption Services at 318-798-7664.