Jackson's Journey: Bowie Co. family hopes for gift of hearing on son's 2nd birthday

Jackson's Journey: Bowie Co. family hopes for gift of hearing on son's 2nd birthday

HOOKS, TX (KSLA) - A Bowie County family is hoping to celebrate the gift of hearing on their little boy's birthday next month.

Jackson Foster will turn 2 in August, and his family is hoping he will be able to hear them sing "Happy Birthday" for the first time.

Jackson was born with profound hearing loss, but it doesn't stop him from being an active and inquisitive child. "The only difference to everyday problems, this young man he can't hear you," explains Jackson's father, Wayne.

Raising a child with a hearing disability certainly has its challenges. "You know it is hard at times, dealing with your child being deaf not being able to hear your voice, says his mother, Summer.

The Fosters say doctors have not been able to tell them why. Now, they have hope that their son will be able to recognize sound. Earlier this year, they were thrilled to learn that Jackson was a candidate for cochlear implants.

"It's emotional because this is my only child, our only child," says Wayne.

The implant surgery is scheduled for July 30 at Dallas Children's Hospital, and the family says August 25 will be the date the implants will be activated for the first time. The family is excited and optimistic. "Everything is going good," Summer says "It will go good."

Meanwhile, as they wait for the surgery, Jackson will continue working with a speech therapist, learning to communicate by signing. "He has learned quite a bit with the sign language," his mother says.

They will be chronicling Jackson's Journey on a Facebook Page of the same name. Wayne says they are hoping to share their experiences with others who are traveling the same road. "All we are trying to do is get the word out to let them know there is help."

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