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Pistol-wearing man allowed to vote in Pelham

Stock Photo (Source: MGN Online) Stock Photo (Source: MGN Online)

A member of the gun rights group BamaCarry got to vote in Shelby County while wearing a holstered pistol, but police later asked him to leave the front of the polling place.     

Robert Kennedy showed up with his gun Tuesday at the Pelham First Baptist Church Annex. A sign on the annex said firearms were prohibited, but election officials allowed Kennedy to vote while wearing his gun.

Kennedy and members of his group later stood outside the polling place until Pelham police asked them to leave at the request of a poll official.     

Kennedy was turned away from the polling place during the primary June 3.     

The executive director of the Alabama Sheriffs Association, Bobby Timmons, says this was the only case he'd heard about in Tuesday's runoff.

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