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Burn victim says he nearly made fatal error with fireworks


Jonathan Phan purchased his fireworks as he normally did without a second thought.

"It's something you probably don't ever think about. You're at the fireworks stand buying fireworks," he said. "You just don't think about it until it happens."

The 21-year-old would wind up at the burn unit at an area hospital.

He was celebrating the Fourth of July weekend. He had a roll of black cats in his hands and was preparing to light them.

"I started wrapping them all together and tried to make something big," he said. "I'm cradling them, and I go to light it. I'm assuming I lit the wrong part."

He suffered third-degree burns to his hands, stomach and legs.

Phan certainly learned a lesson that he hopes to share with others.

"Everyone has a brain. Just use it. I wasn't at the time," he said.

Phan is very fortunate, said Detective Jay Thompson of the Kansas City Police Department's bomb and arson squad.

"We had several people blow off hands, limbs and legs," he said. "And these were older people in their 30s, 40s, that should know better."

In addition, the department confiscated half a truckload of illegal fireworks. He said some of the illegally made homemade explosives were made up of "very, very dangerous" flash powder.

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