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Shreveport taxi companies increase security after shooting

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The story of a Shreveport cab driver murdered while on the job over the weekend has some local taxi companies on high alert for the safety of their employees.

Carlos Jenkins was shot to death in his cab Saturday afternoon on Central Street and police said his fare was the shooter. The cab then crashed in to an apartment building and the fare took off.

And even though the accused, Reginald Williams, is behind bars, many fellow cab drivers are taking extra precautions to protect themselves.

“We’re here to serve people and we shouldn't have to think that this fare may be our last,” Fernando Crowder, a cab driver with VIP Taxi, said.

Crowder trained Jenkins but, co-workers say, all the training in the world couldn't have prepared him for this.

“Nothing could have been done, because I know from the years I worked around Carlos, that he took care of the things you needed to take care of and did everything that he was supposed to do to make sure he was always as safe as he could possibly be,” Todd Mooer, VIP Taxi owner, said.

Police arrested Williams and charged him with second degree murder.

“It was senseless, very senseless," Crowder said. "Cab drivers, this is a business, a people’s service business, we’re here to service the community."

Picking up and dropping off strangers around town brings a dangerous element to work every day for these drivers. Now taxi company owners like Mooer are thinking of ways to boost safety.

“We’re also looking at putting up some of the partitions, the safety glass, like a lot of the cab companies in New York have," Mooer said. "Also looking at installing cameras so we can monitor things. It’s not to monitor the cab driver, it’s to monitor his safety.”

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