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LSU Shreveport looking more and more like LSU

If you've taken a drive over on Youree Dr. in Shreveport recently you may have noticed a few changes on the campus of LSU Shreveport.  The University has removed most of its old logos in replacement of its new logo which is exactly like the LSU (Baton Rouge) logo except for a white "S" at the end. 

The University's website has also switched over to the LSU (Baton Rouge) purple and gold color scheme. 

Earlier this year, it was announced that LSU Shreveport would be changing its logo as part of a re-branding campaign as the LSU system moves to a common identity.

While the school colors have changed, officials say that LSUS sports teams will keep the "Pilots" nickname but Pete, the mascot, will be replaced by another Mascot to be named later.

Pete the Pilot has been the official mascot since 2007.

Chancellor Larry Clark said he would let the student body have some fun with picking the new mascot.

"Pete's changing and we're still working out exactly what will happen with Pete and we haven't announced it, but look forward to seeing Pete graduate," Clark said.

With the color changes and mascot eventually changing, sports uniforms will also make the transition to the new logo and colors. Clark said fundraising will take place to help with that transition and help boost the sports program overall.

Clark said a lot will be changing to help grow LSUS. The new chancellor said the university was approved for a loan amount of $1.5-million to help with the budget deficit at the university. A problem that the school has struggled with. The loan will help with some of the necessary changes.

Clark said he spoke with the student body to hear their concerns and what they would like to see change at LSUS.

One of the big things students requested is for more course options, especially in the foreign language department. Right now at LSUS, Spanish is the only foreign language course offered. Clark hopes to create more programs and courses that will also collaborate with the LSU Baton Rouge campus. These types of changes can help attract more students and help those enrolled finish their degree.

"That's one of the things we have to do better. We have not done as good a job of retaining our students when these students come here for different reasons and don't stay to complete the degree," Clark said. "We help them in their journey of learning... but again we need we want them, it helps to create the larger student body that we need and the students want a larger student body."

With that, Clark hopes to bring a better quality of life to the campus in Shreveport.

Students also expressed a desire to have the soccer program return to LSUS. Clark said he's going to work to try to get the soccer program back, but it's not a sure thing and it won't be easy. Bringing sports programs back requires a lot of outside support. 

Another change Clark hopes to bring to the campus is a student recreation center which will be housed in a temporary facility.

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