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Shreveport food trucks watching for propane leaks

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Shreveport food trucks watching for propane leaks Shreveport food trucks watching for propane leaks
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Local food truck operators say there are precautions in place to avoid the kind of fiery propane-fueled explosion that rocked a food truck in Philadelphia earlier this week.

Food trucks are sure to be popular this holiday weekend from Independence Day festivities along Shreveport’s riverfront's to the Great Raft Brewery, with hundreds will be snacking from these portable restaurants.

Propane tanks are strapped on the back of just about all the food trucks, fueling the grills and cooking gear inside. KSLA talked to the some food truck owners about what they do to make sure no accidents happen. “With the propane, you always turn it on and light it as fast as you can, have your vents on, be sure there are no leaks,” says Brandon Candler, with Louisiana Grill food truck.

“All four of them have been inspected by the state,” Candler says, pointing to his four propane tanks. “You have to go through the state, you have to go through the health department, and you have a permit.”

Local food truck owners say, along with an inspection, they keep an eye on their propane tanks to ensure the safety of their employees and their customers. “Natural gas has a smell to it so usually you look for the smell,” Candler says.

Whether they are inspected by the health department or not depends on where they are parked. “Food trucks are kind of a hybrid I’d say, where they are under law, but we do not have to be inspected if we’re out at the festival.” Most of these food trucks serve restaurant quality food, so when they are away from this festival property, they also go through restaurant quality health inspections.

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