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Teen deaths lead to clashes in Jerusalem

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A fire breaks out as Palestinians and Israeli forces clash in the streets of Jerusalem. (Source: CNN) A fire breaks out as Palestinians and Israeli forces clash in the streets of Jerusalem. (Source: CNN)

JERUSALEM (CNN) - Anger has spilled over in the streets of Jerusalem in response to the killing of a Palestinian teenager on

His grieving family says they're waiting for authorities to release his body.

His killing came after the funerals for three murdered Israeli boys.

Deaths have added to an already volatile situation.

A solidly middle class Jerusalem suburb isn’t normally the scene of street clashes.

But the death of a local teenager, Mohamed Abu Khdair, has ignited a firestorm of anger Israeli police are unable to extinguish. The police are investigating the possible motives.

But his father Hussain says he has no doubt.

“The settlers want to take revenge on the Arabs,” he says. “They can't go to Ramallah or Hebron, but it's easy for them to come here.”

The condemnation coming from Israeli leaders for the killing brushed off here.

“You know something? The alligator cries too,” uncle Mohamad Abu Khdair added.

His death adds another incendiary element in an already explosive atmosphere following the discovery on Sunday of the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers who were abducted almost three weeks ago.

The mood in Jerusalem is increasingly dark. On Tuesday more than a hundred Israelis marched through the middle of the city chanting "death to the Arabs" just hours after the funeral for the three Israeli teenagers. One of the men in the crowd said, "as soon as the sun goes down, we will attack them."

Clashes subsided, briefly, when a building caught on fire.

The Israeli police pulled back while some of those who moments before had been throwing stones tried to douse the flames.

One man tried to keep the two sides apart.

“Everything under the control! We don't need the police here. If the police come here it's a disaster! We stop our kids, he stops his terrorists!” one Jerusalem resident said.

Soon enough, however, the clashes resume.

This is not yet a third Palestinian intifada but it's starting to look like it.

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