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Shreveport man recovering from electrical shock

Nathan Johnson, 23 Nathan Johnson, 23

A Shreveport man is fighting for his life after being electrocuted on the job in Shreveport last week.

Family members said 23-year-old Nathan Johnson came into contact with a high-voltage power line at a Shreveport construction site near the intersection of East 70th Street and Querbes Drive. Wednesday’s progress report had his uncle smiling since for the first time, Johnson is able to communicate with his family.

“The first four or five days, he was completely unresponsive," said Damon Johnson. They cooled him off, they did a therapy to cool him off and they kept him pretty much iced down for 96 hours and it took about two to three days to get him back to a normal body temperature. They did that to try to preserve any brain function.”

Damon, Nathan’s uncle, said Nathan went from unresponsive and in critical condition to an upgraded - serious.

“He was able to answer small commands," Damon said. "He would shake his head 'yes' and 'no,' moving his hands and moving his feet. The prognosis is good, it’s just going to be a long road to recovery for him.”

“When he was electrocuted, it burned his arms, burned his feet, it’s just small areas of his body. It’s just internal injuries also. When you get electrocuted it burns you from the inside out so they’re treating him as a burn patient,” he said.

Because he was burned, the father of two was in desperate need of blood donations. He used 63 donated units, so now the family is asking the public to help make sure the hospital is prepared for similar situations.

"The blood was here for Nathan," Damon said. "Everybody that’s donated blood since then was to replenish the supply, and we want to do what we can to keep that blood supply there because it was there for him and we want it there for someone else."

For now, the family is hoping for a full recovery.

"Now, it’s just excitement thinking what new we're going to see when we get in there.,” he said.

The family is hoping Nathan can get off his ventilator soon. They are looking into rehab facilities to move him once he is better.

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