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KSLA News 12 Editorial: June 30th-VA Hospital Feedback

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I've received more feedback on the situation with the VA hospitals in our country, and specifically, the Overton Brooks VA Hospital in Shreveport.

As you know, some VA hospitals have come under fire recently, accused of poor patient care. I asked our viewers for your experience at Overton Brooks.

This viewer writes: "As a former employee of Overton Brooks and a disabled veteran, I know for a fact that there needs to be a thorough investigation of their facility. Overton Brooks or any other VA facility cannot inspect themselves if change is expected."

A veteran from East Texas who used Overton Brooks wrote: "I was a patient at Overton Brooks, but not any more. I have seen nothing but substandard treatment at Overton Brooks. I reported this to my congressman."

But this viewer had a different experience: "I have been receiving care from Overton Brooks for over 9 years now and as a stage 4 cancer patient. The staff at this hospital has always gone over and beyond in my care. Everyone there deserves our appreciation for their fine work and dedication."

As you can see, very different opinions. And that's why an independent analysis needs to be done at all VA hospitals.  

Let's find out what patient treatment is really like, good or bad.  

I'm James Smith.

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