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No more boiling water: Shreveport family finally gets natural gas turned on


A KSLA News 12 viewer sent us an email asking for help getting answers to why it was taking so long to get natural gas restored to his home.

We swung into action and posed that same question to Centerpoint Energy.

Mark Thomas and his family moved into their new home in the middle of May. With a new home, they began their search for new appliances. Everything seemed to be going OK until the gas man showed up.

"He said that we weren't hooked up to the main line," Thomas said. "He called someone right there in front of me, and said someone should be back Saturday to get it hooked up."

The days went by, and no one came. With no gas, the Thomas's decided they should wait to buy a stove. But there was still a problem - no hot water.

"We either heat something up in the microwave, or we heat water up on the little electric stoves in a pot," Thomas said. "It's me, my wife, and three teenage daughters here, and that's just too much to try to take a bath like that."

So Thomas called Centerpoint, and called, and called again, but even after more than a month went by, their bathing with pot-boiled water continued.

"You can see the marks in the tub from the pots sliding back and forth," he said.

After 36 days without natural gas, the Thomas's contacted KSLA News 12, and we called Centerpoint.

We did learn a few things. For instance, this house hasn't been hooked up to natural gas since 2008, and Centerpoint said they need to run a new line from the main line to the house.

Once that happens, it's up to the landlord to initiate the next step in the process - getting a city inspection done on the gas lines to ensure they hold pressure properly.

Just hours after we contacted Centerpoint, a crew was out working on getting gas restored to the Thomas house.

Centerpoint acknowledged that these projects take time, but shouldn't have taken this long. They were apologetic, and quickly took action to make things better.

As for Thomas, he already knows what he'll be doing tomorrow: "Taking a hot shower," he said.

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Copyright 2014 KSLA. All rights reserved.

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