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14 year old Dean Beard splits cancer benefit money with another family

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - A couple weeks ago, East Texas Sports told the story of 14 year old baseball player Dean Beard who is battling cancer. This past Saturday, the Whitehouse Baseball and Softball League held a benefit tournament to help raise money for Dean's medical expenses. On Friday night, Dean and his family received a check, but the story doesn't end there.

22 teams participated in 'Dean's Day' last Saturday, helping raise $12,000 which will go toward Dean's medical expenses. "I didn't expect that many teams, it was a shock," Dean said. "It was really awesome that many people wanted to help support." Dean's mom Christy Garcia added,"You cannot put it into words." "Just that next year if we have a second annual 'Dean Day' we will be there to help another family."

Carrie Anne and her husband Kevin played a big part in planning the tournament. But on the Tuesday leading up to the event, Kevin passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest. But that didn't stop Carrie Anne and her son Cole from attending 'Dean's Day.' "My dad would want me too," Cole said. "My dad said he would take his place for anything, and I wanted to make my dad happy." Carrie Anne added,"He said momma, we are playing ball. We are playing for Dean he needs this and its where my daddy would want me."

Because of the Laird's sacrifice, Dean decided he would split whatever money was raised from the tournament with Carrie Anne and Cole. "They were helping me get all this money and supporting me so I was just thinking I can help them too," Dean said.

"It was just really nice for Dean to donate some money to us, I mean we are having a hard time over it," Cole added. Carrie Anne finished by saying," He is so caring, so loving, and so giving."

While both families are going through hard times, this shows a community can come together and lend a helping hand. "You see Dean's strength and now we are seeing Cole's strength," Dean's father Noe Garcia said. "Both of these boys are fighting a battle, one a different battle than the other, but they are going to come out winners on the top all the way.

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