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DNC hosting considered a long shot for Birmingham

Source: WBRC video Source: WBRC video

Do you think Birmingham has a shot at landing the 2016 Democratic National Convention? The Magic City is on the short list, but not everyone is optimistic of our chances.

Hosting the convention would mean big bucks for the city of Birmingham, just take a look back at the 2012 convention held in Charlotte. There were 35,000 attendees, that's not including the 6,000 delegates, or the 15,000 media members that arrived.

Close to 14,000 hotel rooms were booked in Charlotte and the expected economic impact from the convention was more than $125 million.

While this would be great for the city of Birmingham, political analyst Larry Powell doesn't see it happening. "The primary decision for a political parties convention is based on trying to win a state, so they are more likely to pick a swing state that they have a chance of winning," Powell said.

Powell is impressed Birmingham is trying to convince the party Birmingham is the best location for the convention.

"They could talk about the Civil Rights Movement, how far we have come, and be a motivation for getting liberals out to the polls in November," Powell said.

But Powell said it won't be enough. "I think Ohio has the lead because they really need to win Ohio in 2016," Powell said.

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